"In general, I think of gender roles as cages. Men have a slightly nicer cage– it has gold plating on the bars, better food, maybe a pillow. But the thing is that complaining that men have the better cage, even though they do and a reasonable model of the world recognizes this, is completely pointless. It’s still a cage. The solution is to open up the door and let people out."

Yes, Male Privilege Is Real — The Good Men Project (via brute-reason)

What a perfect metaphor. I’m so sick of gender roles, which is basically societies’ way of telling me how I should act. As a strong independent woman, I defy the traditional gender role of a woman in multiple ways; the fact that I cannot (and will not) be put in a cage terrifies many people. So what if I have some traditionally male characteristics? Get over it. I also have many traditionally female traits. I am a multi-faceted person that cannot be locked up in societies’ little cage.

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